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Oct 23, 2012

Autumn Wedding in NC

finally I attended a real American wedding ! another thing checked from my bucket list, and yes, it was very much like the ones in movies :)

the same day I checked another thing off : I tried shooting, yeah, never good at aiming, but I wasn't keeping count, none of the empty cans got any bullet from my pistol, and even though I got "a little bit" scared of the sound, it was fun, that rush of adrenaline never fails me.  

I appreciate how personal these weddings are and not a show off of how rich you are or how much gold you own ... 

Jul 28, 2012

Mount Kisco days

for a small town ( officially the village of mt kisco ) like this , the place has more variety than I expected. Two mexican, two indian restaurants, one etheopian restaurant, and some asian fusin places.. not bad. The small movie theatre, public library, post office all in one complex, you can basically walk the whole town in one day, and then can still enjoy another walk the next day. Life is not so fast paced here, sometimes it feels sort of suffocating, specially when it rains whole day and you are stuck inside your room, no real human interaction at all. Times like this make me wanna crave for khichuri and beef curry, accompanied by omelets and fried fish, but as for this summer I chose to stay in a hotel, those are not valid options for the time being.

But the rain indeed looks amazing from this place, the trees suddenly get greener and the air smells different.
I went to the pool near my room, thought of taking a walk in the rain, may be after I finish my work at hand..it is always so tempting when it rains and you are the only human being on the road...feels like I can just keep on walking and walking. Like the last time when I lost my way in the rain, and finally made it home but had to throw away my shoes, the rain and the muddy road were not very nice to them. But that was such a great day, I felt relieved after a long time.

I found a place near my office where I can hide for a while after lunch, the place is like a backyard to IBM office, but no one goes there, and when I am sitting there with my lunch coffee, I can feel energized to get back to work again. I wish I could find the place sooner. But at least I found it :) I can even sing and talk to myself and I know no one is watching me, isn't that great ? Then after a while I go back to the coding mood, type, type, type ...

I appreciate the hiking initiative by senior IBMers, but they go so hastily, I cannot enjoy the moment, it seems like running a race, not stopping for the moment, last time we hiked on the top of  Bear mountain, and then right after we got there, we had to start for the return, I wish I could savor the setting sun or at least the Hudson valley for a while. 

Jun 17, 2012

Starting my summer in New York with tasty delights

It's been three weeks since I started my summer internship in New York, not the city, but a remote corner in NY state from where it takes an hour and a half to get to Manhattan, but I can still enjoy NYC each weekend. And by enjoying the city, I mean enjoying the food there, New York probably has the best food in USA. Today we went to Chelsea to have brunch, the egg benedict was nice, but the loud music in that Italian place was annoying. After that we went to an Argentine pastry shop and I bought Conoes, it's a cream puff filled with dulce de leche. It was good too. And yesterday was the day of Korean lunch and Bangladeshi dinner. For lunch we went to a korean restaurant in White plains, it was quiet and friendly, the hostess was very nice with her cute smile. We had bibimbap and bulgogi, not spicy at all, rather sweet, but they tasted good, even though the lack of spice was unexpected. Bulgogi is a beef dish cooked with shredded beef and bibimbap is rice mixed with spice paste, vegetables and chopped beef. The side dishes were the main attraction for me, there were 7 or 8 kinds of side dishes, small portion of sauteed vegetables with mild spice paste.

For dinner we went to my friend's house near Queens, she prepared spinach+shrimp, egg curry, eggplant fry and daal. As usual I brought some food back from her home as I always do whenever I visit her :)
Last week I went with my co-interns to a Greek place and had Kataifi ( a Greek dessert made with lachchhi shemai/ vermicelli ) ,  to me it was a different presentation of the things that I already know, it tasted nice, even though my fellow Greek people said it was nothing like how they have kataifi in Greece. Hopefully I will find authentic kataifi in some other Greek place, but I liked that one anyway.

Also two Indian places in two weeks, and those were for lunch buffet, the place called Royal Palace near Hawthorne was better in variety and taste.  Usual menu with chicken tandoor, alu gobi, palak panir etc. for dessert they had jilapi, gulabjamun, rice pudding and malai cha, could not resist any one of those.

Now I have an awesome tasting flan in my fridge, probably I should wait till tomorrow. 

May 21, 2012

International Cuisine Tasting

As a part of our lab's "international cuisine tasting tradition" [ created and followed by some other fellow scientists in HCIL including myself ] , our last visit was to an Argentine restaurant, and mind was blown. From appetizers to the deserts including the main dishes.
Before that I went to a Szechuan  hot pot restaurant where you are served raw meat and boiling broth, and looking at the raw meat served at the table was shocking at the first site, but I took a moment to process the fact that it could be my kitchen where I could be cooking the meat, so why not cook it at the table ? The spicy broth was tasty and there were different varieties of sauces to mix with the broth. 

Jan 12, 2012


this time GHC was held in Portland ( Nov 10-13, 2011) , Oregon, in Oregon Convention Center, nice place, and a major event that I always look forward to. Meeting with researcher, job hunting and above all, meeting friends. I also had a poster presentation this time, so I can claim that it was a productive tour.  I volunteered at the conference, participated in student research poster competition and visited my sister. Not to mention learnt about the public transportation of Portland. Not so much time to see around Portland this time, so there was just one day , and we planned to see Washington park, but found out the shuttle service to the park was not running, so we had to limit out tour to the saturday farmers' market and PSU. PSU is actually nice and the market is just at the corner, I loved the atmosphere: live music, food , fresh flower, pea-cock feathers, pizza, walking around the beautiful trees. It was fall, actually late fall, but in Portland it seemed that Fall is still in its full action, vibrant colors everywhere, red, yellow, orange, rows of trees, welcoming us, covering the sidewalks with their leaves. The food from the street carts were another charm, oh yeah, hot chili con carne with fried okra in rainy weather, yum.  We were waiting for the bus to return home and saw the police service getting ready to handle the occupy Portland movement people, added a bit of excitement to us, but nothing interesting happened . all day rain kind of forced us to move inside the mall and continue shopping ( as if no sales tax was not enough for us ! ) . The city was getting ready for Christmas while the decoration for Halloween was also still there. Hoping to see more of Portland soon, in nice weather with the flowers and beers.

tea, coffee, coke !!!

I read this post and those who visit my blog may find it interesting, so I am quoting some of the interesting parts..

The original Coca-Cola was a late-nineteenth-century concoction known
as Pemberton's French Wine Coca, a mixture of alcohol, the caffeine-rich
kola nut, and coca, the raw ingredient of cocaine. In the face of social pressure,
first the wine and then the coca were removed, leaving the more banal
modern beverage in its place: carbonated, caffeinated sugar water with less
kick to it than a cup of coffee. But is that the way we think of Coke?
Not at all. In the nineteen-thirties, a commercial artist named Haddon Sundblom
had the bright idea of posing a portly retired friend of his in a red
Santa Claus suit with a Coke in his hand, and plastering the image
on billboards and advertisements across the country. Coke, magically,
was reborn as caffeine for children, caffeine without any of the weighty
adult connotations of coffee and tea.
Today, of course, the chief cultural distinction is between coffee and tea,
which, according to a list drawn up by Weinberg and Bealer, have come to represent almost entirely opposite sensibilities:
Coffee Aspect
Tea Aspect