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Aug 14, 2007

our lunatic squad ...

tanvir irfan sir is one of the nicest and finest teachers i ever got in life. we had a great time with tanvir sir and i will never forget what he said in the last class we have with him . he insisted that we should not only do great work, also express those with strength , because the world is not an easy place,you have to establish your way or fall behind . sir wrote about our batch on his personal website ...

"Pagla CSE-2001 (April 12, 2006) April 12 is the entrance day of CSE batch- 2001 students. They arranged a few programmes to celebrate the day. Most funny- they have named their batch "Pagla" (mad), because I used to call them "pagla" affectionately. They also made a common t-shirt for all of them with graphics and text symbolizing "pagla" on it. "

Aug 13, 2007

where have all the flowers gone...

water, water everywhere , not a drop to drink !! yes, this is really the situation now in Bangladesh. the flood might have over, but not the sufferings gone. people are still in misery; the relief work is not sufficient this year, actually they are never sufficient..how can you fill the lap of a mother who have lost her child ! no food, no shelter can repay this ! we can just have mere hope ...

Aug 7, 2007

and they follow you even in your dreams...

i needed to escape,to hide...but i could go nowhere, so invited those who were always lost into some other world and shared my moments with them! they just say your own feelings with their words...and you wonder how could they creep into your mind and sketch everything with those small verses !!
SWEETHEART, do not love too long:
I loved long and long,
And grew to be out of fashion
Like an old song.
All through the years of our youth
Neither could have known
Their own thought from the other’s,
We were so much at one.
But O, in a minute she changed —
O do not love too long,
Or you will grow out of fashion
Like an old song.


THOUGH you are in your shining days,
Voices among the crowd
And new friends busy with your praise,
Be not unkind or proud,
But think about old friends the most:
Time’s bitter flood will rise,
Your beauty perish and be lost
For all eyes but these eyes.

you can leave poetry, but poetry never leaves you...

Let Nature be your teacher:
Sweet is the lore which Nature brings.
Our meddling intellect
Misshapes the beauteous forms of things.
We murder to dissect.
Enough of Science and of Art:
Close up those barren leaves;
Come forth, and bring with you a heart
That watches and receives."

Aug 5, 2007

friendship day and other monologue !!!

yet another friendship day passed and i still wonder whom can i call my real friend !
every time i get upset and the fault is absolutely mine. i expect more than i should . and every time i promise to myself.."ok, no more , i have to keep my feelings back.." and then another blunder !
right now i am worried a lot .. for the sudden change in my behavior..i was never so fragile (or at least i like to think myself as a solid one !!) but now i feel that i am falling apart into pieces and those pieces are flying away from me..and i have nothing to do but stare at them ! at times i really hate myself ..for not being the one i want me to be..and for "over-being" the one who i really am .
i am loosing my solitude ..the time i always keep only for myself is drifting away ...every night i used to seat in the balcony and be lost in my wonder world, but now i have gone far away from my very own place like an uprooted tree!
you should never expect the same dedication from others as you have for them..because every one has his/her own world and you never know even you are in that world or not. just colour your own world, with your own emotions...