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Jul 28, 2012

Mount Kisco days

for a small town ( officially the village of mt kisco ) like this , the place has more variety than I expected. Two mexican, two indian restaurants, one etheopian restaurant, and some asian fusin places.. not bad. The small movie theatre, public library, post office all in one complex, you can basically walk the whole town in one day, and then can still enjoy another walk the next day. Life is not so fast paced here, sometimes it feels sort of suffocating, specially when it rains whole day and you are stuck inside your room, no real human interaction at all. Times like this make me wanna crave for khichuri and beef curry, accompanied by omelets and fried fish, but as for this summer I chose to stay in a hotel, those are not valid options for the time being.

But the rain indeed looks amazing from this place, the trees suddenly get greener and the air smells different.
I went to the pool near my room, thought of taking a walk in the rain, may be after I finish my work at hand..it is always so tempting when it rains and you are the only human being on the road...feels like I can just keep on walking and walking. Like the last time when I lost my way in the rain, and finally made it home but had to throw away my shoes, the rain and the muddy road were not very nice to them. But that was such a great day, I felt relieved after a long time.

I found a place near my office where I can hide for a while after lunch, the place is like a backyard to IBM office, but no one goes there, and when I am sitting there with my lunch coffee, I can feel energized to get back to work again. I wish I could find the place sooner. But at least I found it :) I can even sing and talk to myself and I know no one is watching me, isn't that great ? Then after a while I go back to the coding mood, type, type, type ...

I appreciate the hiking initiative by senior IBMers, but they go so hastily, I cannot enjoy the moment, it seems like running a race, not stopping for the moment, last time we hiked on the top of  Bear mountain, and then right after we got there, we had to start for the return, I wish I could savor the setting sun or at least the Hudson valley for a while. 


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