About me

about me

I am Awalin Sopan, from Dhaka, Bangladesh, former software engineer at Escenic Asia, finished my undergrad  from Computer Science and Engineering department of BUET . Now I am at the beginning of graduate studies at the University of Maryland . And if you want to know more...the whole blog is before you. Just take a look!

my favorite books

  • almost every book of Rabindranath
  • Gorky's autobiographic trilogy
  • little house in the prairie
  • all quiet in the western front
  • foundation (the series)
  • brief history of time
  • inside the atom by Isaac Asimov
  • 100 years in solitude
  • night in Lisbon
  • the road back
  • three comrades
--- and many more ...

favorite movies..

* a river runs through it
* American beauty
* Atonement
* blood diamond
* bourne identity
* color of paradise
* dead poets society
* forrest gump
* house of flying daggers
* legend of the fall
* life is beautiful
* little women
* matrix-1
* moulin rouge
* pocahontus
* ten things I hate about you
* the lord of the rings
* The Painted Veil
* the pianist
* tom brown's schooldays
* what's eating Gilbert Grape