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Jun 17, 2012

Starting my summer in New York with tasty delights

It's been three weeks since I started my summer internship in New York, not the city, but a remote corner in NY state from where it takes an hour and a half to get to Manhattan, but I can still enjoy NYC each weekend. And by enjoying the city, I mean enjoying the food there, New York probably has the best food in USA. Today we went to Chelsea to have brunch, the egg benedict was nice, but the loud music in that Italian place was annoying. After that we went to an Argentine pastry shop and I bought Conoes, it's a cream puff filled with dulce de leche. It was good too. And yesterday was the day of Korean lunch and Bangladeshi dinner. For lunch we went to a korean restaurant in White plains, it was quiet and friendly, the hostess was very nice with her cute smile. We had bibimbap and bulgogi, not spicy at all, rather sweet, but they tasted good, even though the lack of spice was unexpected. Bulgogi is a beef dish cooked with shredded beef and bibimbap is rice mixed with spice paste, vegetables and chopped beef. The side dishes were the main attraction for me, there were 7 or 8 kinds of side dishes, small portion of sauteed vegetables with mild spice paste.

For dinner we went to my friend's house near Queens, she prepared spinach+shrimp, egg curry, eggplant fry and daal. As usual I brought some food back from her home as I always do whenever I visit her :)
Last week I went with my co-interns to a Greek place and had Kataifi ( a Greek dessert made with lachchhi shemai/ vermicelli ) ,  to me it was a different presentation of the things that I already know, it tasted nice, even though my fellow Greek people said it was nothing like how they have kataifi in Greece. Hopefully I will find authentic kataifi in some other Greek place, but I liked that one anyway.

Also two Indian places in two weeks, and those were for lunch buffet, the place called Royal Palace near Hawthorne was better in variety and taste.  Usual menu with chicken tandoor, alu gobi, palak panir etc. for dessert they had jilapi, gulabjamun, rice pudding and malai cha, could not resist any one of those.

Now I have an awesome tasting flan in my fridge, probably I should wait till tomorrow. 

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