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Feb 5, 2010

Exam , Grades, Future ..

got my grades for the Artificial Intelligence Planing course , I took this course on last semester and the exam was taken last Saturday when it was snowing heavily outside.  I am surprised at my capability of getting such a poor grade , so far this is the least grade I ever got for any course, hahaa , don't know what's on my future.  Seems like AI is not for me after all. Before working on artificial intelligence, I need to improve my own natural intelligence at the first place.

Snowy weekend, foggy thoughts

Again snow storm alert, again the campus is closed. So got an extra day for this weekend, for me it's time for blogging ;already done with 'facebooking' and 'tweeting' since I got myself up from sleep and after 2 more hours managed to got up from the bed . After enjoying my pancake breakfast , having my tea ( it was delicious ) and finishing all the 'pending' Egyptology video I had been planning to watch, I started to think, so what's next ? I have my projects and assignments due, but somehow they never fall into the 'things to be done next' category , even though they are actually the things MUST be done, I prefer to keep them away from my mind as long as I can. Hence my today's next task can be to prepare some hot and spicy meal, seems like a good idea, but the only problem is I am not a fan of my own cooking. Last weekend was awesome, covered all with snowflakes I managed to arrive at DC, spent some time working with the CrisisCommons CrisisWiki team for the current Haiti earthquake, and above all ( I am sooo selfish) passed the rest of the weekend at Lily apu's place and enjoyed all her delicious Bangladeshi food. This weekend I can call Poppy apu and attack her kitchen, wow, I am now getting really inspired, the devil on my left shoulder is now laughing out loud ( just waiting for the snowfall to get a bit benign ) ! Since when I became such a foodie !!

This week I happened to taste Panettone which is a special kind of Italian bread stuffed with raisin, marmalade etc. and I really liked it and next time I am going to do my grocery shopping I will buy one for sure. Also had ice cream from the campus dairy and that was nice too, but American sandwich still does not suit me at all. When it comes to buying food , Taco Bell and Panda Express are keeping me alive.

No more thoughts of food, not now , God help my spirit ... give me some other Food for Thought !

Last evening I missed the Bangladeshi student Association meeting, I hope to attend the next one, we are planning for arranging a cultural program for Bangla New Year, the programme is entitled the Baishakhi Bang, mainly organized by American Born Bangladeshi students. So there is little Bangla but I am hopeful, at least they are trying something. The Bangladeshi Embassy is also planning a programme for the celebration of International Mother language day on 21st February. If weather permits I hope to attend the program. Now I am confident with the Metro system, having visited Washington DC several times by Metro I am trying to make a mental map of the place ; as I do not own a GPS, and do not like to carry printed map, a mental map is the most convenient option for me and I also like the word "Mental Map" ( or just being influenced by my professor :D)

Speaking of Metro reminded me of my actual plan for this weekend, to go to Virginia , to visit my school friend Irina, but snowfall made me cancel this plan. do not know when I will be actually able to meet her.

Works of Rabindranath online

Looking for something like this for a long time, especially after coming to USA, I could not bring the Geetobitan, or Golpoguchchha , not even a single book of Rabindranath . The work that is being done by the West Bengal Language Academy is really praise worthy, I hope the Bangla Academy of Bangladesh will take similar actions to preserve the great works of our greatest intellectuals in the same way so it can be accessed any time from any where .

The link for the works of Rabindranath:   http://rabindra-rachanabali.nltr.org/node/2

It includes his novels, poetry, songs, short stories and essays, his letters of Chhinnopotro is not included yet. As everything is in Unicode Bangla, it is easily viewable via most browsers.  Very excited to see this site.

Another online archive ( I like this one more ) of Rabindranath's work : http://www.tagoreweb.in/