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Oct 3, 2010

me at GHC

IMG_8248, originally uploaded by geeklinda.
Four awesome days at Atlanta for the Grace Hopper Celebration of women in computing. Had a great time, now berried with homeworks and projects and undone laundries.
No need to mention how I enjoyed with my friends, but I also enjoyed my Hopper assignments and blogging and tweeting about the selected sessions as a community blogger . I could not attend all the sessions , but I was looking forward to the GVU center tour and the HCI Track on Friday and the reality was more than my expectation. And thanks to Kathy who gave us a ride to GVU center. The sponsor night at the Georgia Aquarium was one of the best parts of this whole week full of events. The food at Hyatts was not of my taste so we went to have dinner at the Metro Cafe Diner very near to our hotel and enjoyed their karaoke.  Poken drew  a  lot of attention this time, someone lost her poken at the dance floor and the DJ announced, "here is a Token.." and we all cried out "this is POKEN, not Token ", haha ..

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