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Aug 25, 2010

Some dance to remember, some dance to forget

Summarizing my summer 2010:

  Awesome NYC tour, met Kashpia and Rima.

  Met Tanima, Enamul , Shafi and Shoshi after a long time , had a great dinner with them .

  Celebrated 4th of July with Sheetal, Nawrin, Reza and Zaman. Great view of fireworks at Penn's landing. Totally exploited our Freedom of Speech :D

  Student volunteer at KDD. Met Tozammel, Nayeem vai , Hassan vai.

  DC tour with Kashpia and Irina. DC mall is way more beautiful at night.

  With Lily apu and Ridwan : National Arboretum, DC Zoo.

  George town canal tour : I was super bored, a total waste of time, but the pictures turned out to be nice and colorful.

 And  a few days ago, my mom sent a package with new clothes and shoes for me from Dhaka :) along came the 'achars', mango and plum ( boroi ) .

And this is my second Ramadan in USA, after 3 days of fasting I did not continue, may be Iftar was my only motivation for fasting. So no delicious iftar, no fasting. May Allah forgive my soul.  I thought I could complete all the procedures to get Maryland driving license during this summer vacation, but nope, seems like I have to wait more for that.  My cooking 'skill' improved ( leaving me with some extra pounds ), I tried to cook new items.  I finished watching 'Californication', and started watching 'Weeds'.   I restarted to learn French, but it's not my cup of tea :( Mandarin is easier.
I wonder how these three months just past by ... getting over is not that easy though, specially when you don't want to.

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