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Jul 18, 2010

Rose and Lavender

yesterday while waiting for the bus way home I happened to meet a girl with a bunch of dried lavender plants in her backpack and she was giving away to the people around .. there were too many, I also took some , it smelled wonderful .. soft and warm ..

she asked where I am from and after knowing that she surprised me with the question " amar naam golap , tomar naam kee ? ( My name is rose, what's ur name ? ) " - I definitely did not expect to hear Bangla from an American girl . . wow .. so her name was Rose and I told her my name and her Bangla accent was pretty good , she visited Shantiniketon and learnt to speak basic Bangla only in three months, according to her this is a simple and easy language, .. and she taughte her sister the word 'tik-tiki' (house gecko), tiktiki, tiktiki ...


  1. aree ki obostha!!
    ekhon theke to bideshider banglay gali deyar age chinta korte hobe :P

  2. purrai..
    tobe ajob bepar hoilo, amar choinik roomi naki amare tar indian labmate e gf vabsilo..amader shobar cheharao naki oder kase ek rokom lage !!


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