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Dec 11, 2009

sweets ! sweets !! sweets !!!

Today one of my professors brought a piece of Turrón, ( it's a kind of Christmas dessert of Spain and Italy brought to Europe by the Arabs) and it was delicious ! partly because it is made of honey, almonds and mostly because it reminded me of Gurder shondesh, Batasha and all other types of desserts made of 'gurd' (molasses) and nut. I could eat the whole piece but I had to be satisfied with just that teeny tiny piece :( ahh.. if I were home now ... I could finish one whole packet of laddu/shandesh/borfi all alone.
And while I am thinking about all those 'naru', 'gajorer haluwa' stuffs I just happened to remember the sweets I tasted at Khulna on our return from the Sundarban ( can't recall the name...but it had almonds and gurd for sure). And another one of my favorites-the nutty caramelly square shaped sweet thing, does not have any desent name, but usually sold in footpaths, when I saw the shiny decorated packet of Turron, I felt sorry for my nameless neglected street side sweets.

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