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Oct 22, 2009

my Twitter network

click to see the larger image of my twitter network
It seems that among all the people I follow on Twitter, Shafi( rajputro) spends most time on twitter and Ragib vai has the most followers.The bigger the circle is, the more is the number of tweets of that person, and deeper shade of color indicates they have more followers. In both cases, Rajputro seems a winner with the largest circle with moderate blue color :) I created this visualization using NodeXL.


  1. privacy bole ar kisu thaklona... eshob baad diye ekhon ami 'wave' diye meaningful conversation korbo

  2. vabchhi twitter e important tech entrepreneur der twitts crawl kore arekta visualization banano jay kina, but tara jodi ekhon wave ei beshi time dey tahole to prob..


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