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Sep 17, 2009

Obama speaks at College Park, about the health care reform plan

Barack Obama just finished his speech 30 minutes ago, his words were vigorous as always , and though I am not an American citizen, it was inspiring for me too, it is always great to see a nation walking forward for change ! I went to the University of Maryland Comcast center at 10:30 am, September 17th,2009 and it is so huge that even I reached late there were plenty of available seats. People came with their children and parents, so it became more of a peublic event rather than campus campaign. A number of medical professionals, army people and congressmen were there.You can read more about it here.

As a student of UMD, I did not have to make much plan for it, just came to the campus at usual time and followed the crowd. I thought there would be a scene with security check at entrance, but the security people were quite easy going. I remember I could not enter the American Embassy in Bangladesh with my pendrive, but here they did not mind at all.Obama enteried at 11:48am , and finished his speech before 12:30, and the crowd really enjoyed because he gave much emphasis towards the young audience. One guy among the audience started booing him but could not make much of it, because another supporter lady was just about to punch that guy :) Then the security people came and take him outside, otherwise I think it would not be safe for him to stay among a hall full of supporters and shout against health care reform plan.

I still do not understand much about USA health care system, but it makes me really surprised that how can people go against this kind of initiative. Right now I am signed up for a class project that analyse US Health insurance situation, for this project I still need to gather more domain knowledge in this field, but what I understand is that if government wants to provide something more, there should not be any voice against it at all . And it is always great to have a leader who can cheer you up with his words of hope ( no matter whether they come true or not ) , 'cause hope and confidence can indeed make the difference.

Obama finished his speech heating up the atmosphere and instilling energy among the students, as a mere observer I can just hope that he succeeds with his mission for change.

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  1. chi sopan tomar weapon of mass destruction (pen drive : pen>sword) niye tumi ekhono ghure beraiteso?

    era health reform chayna keno ami o bujhina, tobe eder point holo 1. tax money diye juddho kora jabe ostro kena jabe, but illegal immigrant der chikitsha kora jabena (jetar ullekh obamar plan e nai) 2. tax money diye abortion kora jabena (etao obamar plan e nai) 3. ar baki ki apotti ami thik janina.


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