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Feb 28, 2009

are we really in a free country ?!

If people of armed force are killed so brutally, then what is the security of mass people, people like us who are living on the edge ? it's hard to believe, almost impossible ! can't sleep with all these questions and all the fury ..
just heard something , a sound from outside, is it another gunshot ? I know it's not.. but the experience of the last few days is keeping me awake.. what about the children who had to undergo the scariest nights of their lives ? Can't we do nothing more than just praying ?
we are observing 3 days days of mourning, is it enough just to mourn for the dead ? I am lucky that I am alive, that my family is safe now, but how long ? the passerby, the rickshaw puller, the vendors who died by gunshot...I could be one of them. Will there families be compensated ?
If such massacar can happen towards army personnel, then it can happen to any of us at anytime.
Don't know how the history will interpret this but we have the right to know the actual story as all of our lives are at a stake now.

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