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Dec 15, 2008


The Italians have made thier way into people's heart by this very food ! ya, I am talking about PIZZA. People from all over the world, Asian or European, American or Africa, just love it.
Now we have several ernouned pizza corners in Bangladesh too. Pizza hut, Domino's , Shwarma house serve world class pizzas at world class rates ! So, if the price does not seem resonable, you can make your own pizza at home, with your favorite toppings.
The first step is to making the dough: mix all these items : flour, water, east, sugar, salt, egg , milk. Keep 2 to 4 hours in a warm place.

Then prepare the topping: onion, garlic, pepper, tomatoes, meat, olives, mushrooms, capsicum and certainly cheese are the key ingredients for toppings. And oregano creates a nice flavor to this.
After shaping the dough into a roundish shape, add tomato sauce to it, decorate with the topiing and lots of cheese, bake it and voila! your pizza is ready to serve !

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