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Aug 5, 2007

friendship day and other monologue !!!

yet another friendship day passed and i still wonder whom can i call my real friend !
every time i get upset and the fault is absolutely mine. i expect more than i should . and every time i promise to myself.."ok, no more , i have to keep my feelings back.." and then another blunder !
right now i am worried a lot .. for the sudden change in my behavior..i was never so fragile (or at least i like to think myself as a solid one !!) but now i feel that i am falling apart into pieces and those pieces are flying away from me..and i have nothing to do but stare at them ! at times i really hate myself ..for not being the one i want me to be..and for "over-being" the one who i really am .
i am loosing my solitude ..the time i always keep only for myself is drifting away ...every night i used to seat in the balcony and be lost in my wonder world, but now i have gone far away from my very own place like an uprooted tree!
you should never expect the same dedication from others as you have for them..because every one has his/her own world and you never know even you are in that world or not. just colour your own world, with your own emotions...


  1. Happy Friendship Day to you...

    Don't think too much about life... Just let it go as it goes... and trust me you would have a happier life for sure... :D

  2. Hi Sopan Apu,

    Real friend is the one for whom your heart loves to make him/her smile always...So don't think much who is your real friend....Just start listening your heart then you can find the real friend just beside you....:)

    I hope and wish you will celebrate a fantastic friendship day for sure next year Inshallah :)

    Happy Friendship Day...:)

    Samiha Esha :)

  3. Keep Smiling and let the door of your heart open for the real friend :)

    Samiha Esha.

  4. i wonder!! does this insecured, obscure, plain being live inside every one???

  5. thank you samiha , shaon and anika apu...i was remembering some of my old friends of whom i had lost contact long before.., i was wondering does any of them remember me the way i recall their memories now ! or i am such an oblivious person ..just not worthy to be remembered !!!


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